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    ‘Is it my doing?’ I returned

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    every kind of thing you can mention As to his liver,’ said the Old

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    I said I had no doubt that Mr Peggotty well deserved these

    ‘Well, ma’am, she will soon be quite comfortable, I hope,’

    I was greatly overcome, and could only thank her, again and

    don’t know where they may come down It’s according to

    regarded herself as the innocent cause of his errors, and as owing

    and down a plank all day with a wheelbarrow—and so brought us

    David Copperfield

    Why does Traddles look so important when he calls upon me

    Mills to see me, that evening If it could not be done with Mr

    Doctor’s too: and I really did work, as the common expression is,

    ‘That won’t do,’ returned the lady ‘Nobody’s dinner is paid for

    David Copperfield

    ‘Edward,’ said Miss Murdstone, ‘let there be an end of this I go

    there, that I could have stopped the people in the streets and

    weather, carrying that parlour, and Mr and Miss Murdstone in it,

    without the aid of the fire

    ‘To answer it in person, however inconvenient the journey,’

    Consequently, I was not prepared, at seven o’clock next morning,

    the neighbours), with a baby at her breast This baby was one of

    funeral; and when they were both seated, and Miss Betsey said


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