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    ‘Dear me!’

    It seems to me, at this distance of time, as if my unfortunate

    acquainted,’ said Mrs Steerforth, as she and I were talking at one

    personal inconvenience; but I stuck to it, because I felt it was a

    doen’t know as I can understand’

    behind Delighted to be of any service to her, I ran back to fetch it

    anyone had told me such a lie that night, I wonder in what manner

    light-haired wife, whom I can just remember connecting in my

    ‘Much!’ said Steerforth ‘Much more than for any other Here is

    Copperfield Don’t deny it! You deny it with the best intentions;

    your old headlong way! You might have been in earnest in striving

    thing, and said, sobbing, that indeed she was afraid she was but a

    him, saying, ‘Look, papa, what beautiful flowers!’ And Miss Mills

    been as bad as it has turned out That was the time, Mr

    kindnesses Some has had daughters as was dead And God only

    smile, to mollify her

    David Copperfield

    flute, and blew at it, until I almost thought he would gradually

    derived the only expression it had

    particularly wants you to know—Barkis is willing’

    disinterested in my love, and think I could be content to make a

    animation ‘As long as you are here, my pet, I shall come over

    It was perhaps a part of Mrs Heep’s humility, that she still wore

    trade?’ I was excessively anxious to get Mr Micawber away; and

    ‘Ye-ye-ye-yes, Peggotty!’ I sobbed

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