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    When I took the road again next morning, I found that it lay

    I thought she seemed, upon the whole, relieved by the prospect

    tuition, to connect with port wine; and I fancied it was in his voice

    you—that sees my fallen child!’

    that I should sometimes come over on a Saturday, and that he

    in the house where I lived, for a week; at the expiration of which

    squinting, and will not be able to get your eyes back’)

    ‘Annie, my dear,’ said he, looking at his watch, and filling his

    ‘When you were sitting by her,’ said I, ‘you seemed to be no less


    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    she went away; that I saw her safely seated in the Dover coach,

    and if ever a boat foundered, since there was darkness on the face

    but an instant, yet I saw how much she knew of what had passed

    hand on where the little packet lay; ‘all that troubles me is, to

    peculiar to herself ‘What’s to be done? Here’s the cottage, taking

    ‘Is that why you called him a humbug, just now?’ inquired

    he went out He was rather a shallow sort of young gentleman, I

    same feeling in reference to any sacrifice for his sake, had

    girl—last night He’s been in hiding about here, this week or over

    ‘You talk,’ said Agnes, breaking into a pleasant laugh, as she sat

    explanation how I had never seen my own father; and how my

    and most uncomfortable way of expanding and contracting

    work, as it was his custom to walk about in the daytime with his


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