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    ‘Oh, to be sure!’ said Uriah ‘When a person’s umble, you know,

    brother Francis’s wife had found it convenient in her lifetime

    men’s fancy They’re wittles and drink to me—lodging, wife, and

    knows me here’

    David Copperfield

    we walked about on a Saturday afternoon Sometimes, for

    child-like, according to my theory—and then Peggotty opened a

    mention, though what the nature of his hold upon my aunt could

    me twenty times more wretched, to know how unselfishly mindful

    consequence of Mr Jack Maldon having lately proffered his

    ‘Has he been hiding ever since?’ I asked

    do they spin, in compliment to me—the more shame for me!’ A

    ‘I hope it wasn’t the boat that—’

    curious couple of guardians, in my aunt and Mr Dick I never

    that distance, I made bold to open the gate, and walk after him, so

    went before me all day I have associated it, ever since, with the

    this world would slip from us No! Ride on! Rough-shod if need be,

    Then, when you know, I'll tell you how to save it. The tone of a kiss is a joke in a thin anger.

    like it yourself’

    long ago bought, out of her own savings, a little piece of ground in

    got rather a grudging disposition, and want to keep off all

    ‘Go along with you, sir!’ said my aunt, anything but appeased

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    Traddles, ‘it will be on the same errand for yourself And I hope it

    looking grimly on the speaker When he had finished, she turned

    have her near me I must keep her near me If the thought that I


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