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    myself completely suited But, in the absence of any such

    When I lighted my candles, he fell into meek transports with the

    unconscious stranger, I remain, dear Mr Copperfield,

    concerned I don’t in the least know what I meant

    Tungay’s friend, and who, assisting in the school, had once held

    ‘Trot,’ said my aunt one evening, when the backgammon-board

    plan to get rid of me, what should I do? If they allowed me to

    of his reverie At length he aroused himself, and looked about the

    the bar of a strange public-house for a glass of ale or porter, to

    ‘Traddles,’ said my friend, finding himself looked at ‘I beg

    myself that I have been, in this Devil’s bark of a boat, within the

    child—and we all three sat together at a window as the evening

    inconsistencies there were within me, as there are within so many

    conscientious gentleman; and if I had not implicit reliance on my

    profession? I casually mentioned to Miss Trotwood, when I had

    breast, and went on with his story ‘They often walked with me,’

    observed Mr Maldon ‘But somebody is always being murdered,

    more, and never any less: and yet, invariably, however far I might

    the Commons, I charged Mrs Crupp with particular directions to

    hot water, remarking that ‘cold would never get his muck off’ He

    ‘Oh! Aye, aye! Indeed!’ said my host, with much diminished

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    to have, instead, a sulky, gloomy old thing like Miss Murdstone,

    when I like, and I’ll smuggle the prog in’ With these words he put


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