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    which no ice could cool!

    pull my hair There was another boy, one Tommy Traddles, who I

    displeased; and that once when Mr Passnidge (the other

    me, or he may have misled me as to the period when that

    ‘I don’t know all I have done, in my fatuity,’ said Mr Wickfield,

    to go along with me’

    alive!’ said Mr Omer, pondering, ‘how she loves that child!’

    What with the novelty of this cookery, the excellence of it, the

    called a double chin, was so fat that it entirely swallowed up the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘CANTERBURY, Monday Evening

    ‘Did she object to it?’

    another turn in my shirt, to hold me more securely

    Master Copperfield You always was, you know’

    mad,’ pursued my aunt ‘Mr Dick is a sort of distant connexion of

    she gave me, that lives in my mind, though it was as fervent as

    company would dine with me tomorrow, and the day after—each

    Mrs Crupp was likely to be in the way

    we both laughed and reddened, casting these looks back on the

    ‘A pupil?’ said Mr Micawber, raising his eyebrows ‘I am

    ‘David,’ he said, making his lips thin, by pressing them

    the establishment Another happy evening, quite as unreal as all

    and want ease I shall relinquish all my young people in another

    Micawber’s conversation, eating walnuts out of a paper bag, with a


    ‘And what is it?’ said Agnes, cheerfully


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