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    David Copperfield

    he was, close to our house’

    Strand, one Sunday morning, in a waistcoat remarkably like one

    of being both sly and shy at once, that she captivated me more

    David Copperfield

    I thought it best to go back As I drew nearer to them, trying to

    youth: if I may be allowed the expression—and my esteemed

    which gives its name to the lane, stood in a less free situation at

    any displeasure; ‘but I remember,—and so must you, I think,—

    ‘We were, indeed,’ said I

    discomfited eyes, shake her fist at me once, when those culinary


    Yu Huan sighed, if I stay here, will you name the bad. The long finger gently wipe her tears, warm, like a body from the fingertips into his warm, the heart has always been as hard as ice stone heart.

    until my mother was silent, ‘with a base return, that feeling of

    her brother always took that for a received truth on such

    respect, may with greater propriety be said not to have lost the

    about the future It was this The constraint that had been put

    was to come back to dinner This concluded, he went to his Patent

    offer to take that trouble

    walks, was by a ferry It landed me on the flat between the town

    Miss Lavinia, pressed it, in each case, to my lips

    To these communications Peggotty replied as promptly, if not

    met; and the impression made upon me then was not agreeable

    rather not have a man of Mr Micawber’s abilities He would only

    and Jorkins, in Doctors’ Commons My aunt, who had this other

    helping her to trim her favourite flowers, or weed the beds I dare

    hands at once ‘He was crossing you and wheedling you, I saw; and

    the name of Brother, and was gone!


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