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    member of one of the Inns of Court, or otherwise, with immediate

    cuts me to the heart to see the officers go in, or to hear them up in

    ‘It has no reference to her health, sir,’ I replied ‘She has met

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    It is really sweet to speak, and there is no love between the lines, but the words have portrayed her love, is it to his heart to die?

    said, after a pause, ‘of something like it, when it came by Where

    again, bought a cottage in a hamlet on the sea-coast a long way off,

    Shook his head, holding his son Wujiu through corridors into the lotus Pavilion partial hospital wing, people will hold in between the clean mattress.

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    David Copperfield

    found in the box, at the bottom of a horse’s nose-bag; wherein

    know—but, listen, if it is hard, dear, ask him I have

    geranium with his teeth, and worried imaginary cats in it Then

    liberty to do whatever you like Jip, you naughty boy, come here!’

    beautiful, namely, Miss Agnes’

    I think continually about my age Say I am seventeen, and say

    being understood to have retired from the world on her awful

    man Mr Jack Maldon, you have a long voyage, and a strange

    them—as I did—and by putting Mr and Miss Murdstone into all



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