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    in difficulties; and how comfortable and friendly it made them

    losing a minute

    chin, and one of his eyes immovable in his head) is fraught with

    pleasant after the dusty playground, which was such a desert in

    Ham, with a mixed expression in his face of admiration,

    to Highgate by the coach’


    of having beaten Miss Betsey, and even of having once, on a

    was dismissed, and other topics occupied us, he remained so;

    institution Mr Spenlow inquired in what respect? I replied, with


    joke, and tossed it back to me, nodded once, as slightly as before,

    I listened to all this with attention; and though, I must say, I had

    Her bright calm face lighted up with pleasure as she went to

    under any other roof but that which sheltered little Em’ly’s head

    remember that any individual object had a bare, pinched, spare

    church, and every foot of the churchyard, had some association of

    I had never before seen Agnes cry I had seen tears in her eyes

    business I may argue within myself, that if I had a deposit at a

    everything so bright and new; with the flowers on the carpets

    hearing her there with a broom, stood peeping out of window at

    surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects, and

    as I did, and were ready with some supper and their hospitable

    impending shadow of a great affliction, and a great disgrace that

    Micawber’s debts On a Saturday night, which was my grand

    David Copperfield

    oppressed me ever since I knew how she loved him I knew what

    greatly interested to hear that I knew Steerforth, and spoke of him

    ‘Don’t tell me You are Brooks,’ said the gentleman ‘You are

    wooden outhouse where the pots and kettles were kept


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