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    throw something in Traddles’s way, in the course of the year;

    misfortune, nearly opposite to where we stood I pointed out the

    Miss Murdstone gave me her chilly finger-nails, and sat

    ‘No, no,’ interposed the Doctor ‘Pardon me!’

    though he looked very steadily at me I feared that some difference

    penitence, ‘Oh, Mrs Crupp, Mrs Crupp, never mind the broken

    ‘You didn’t care for that happiness in the least,’ said Dora,


    mouth; and on my endeavouring to take it from him, at the

    What would I have given, to have been sent to the hardest

    I went into the supper-room where it had been left, which was

    so tired and low that I could hardly keep myself awake for five

    came to visit Mr Copperfield was very kind to me, and took a

    relations; and the house was put into a perfect suit of bills,

    you think I want with rouge?” “No offence, sir,” said the Griffin;

    now, I think I’ll measure this young scholar Would you walk into

    that vagabond was made for the next two days It was so notorious

    upon myself when I repeated the irrevocable words, “I, Emma,

    ‘So I understand,’ said I

    well, he answered respectfully (and of course respectably), that

    manner, which became anxious and fluttered At last she said,

    anyhow, anywhere! No such hope dawned upon me They disliked

    another hundred pounds together, to fee a Conveyancer whose

    has not yet arrived The amount of the first obligation,’ here Mr

    Turned around to look at still asleep disease beauty, he slowly leaned closer together in her ear, soft whisper. The good son, Alex is still waiting for you wait for a lifetime, you dare to escape, even under the blue sky on the poor world, I will be tied back to you.

    ‘young gal’ likewise occasioned me some uneasiness: not so much


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