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    ‘You saw the boat completed?’

    ‘Yes, aunt’

    after, instead of me Oh, if you knew how my heart is

    my travelling-expenses Accordingly, when the Saturday night

    House, went upstairs together Steerforth’s room was next to

    ‘I’m not afraid in this way,’ said little Em’ly ‘But I wake when it

    Steerforth, who often looked at me, I saw, might think it

    and in the meantime we’ll keep it to ourselves, Davy, you and me

    He said this solemnly, bare-headed; then, putting on his hat, he

    the servant echoed it Upon this, I walked in, and in pursuance of


    Dick, who I thought would have gone to sleep but for that, and

    David Copperfield

    was a doctor) said was enough to undermine a horse’s

    Here I am in the playground, with my eye still fascinated by

    David Copperfield

    lavender-water, two wax-candles, a paper of mixed pins, and a

    the kitchen; and shut the door

    mother went

    coat, and brought out his flute in three pieces, which he screwed

    matter, as he jogged to and fro Outside his own domain, and

    that there was a rebel party commanded by somebody else—so I

    remembrances of me were, I have never known—they were light

    result of so much good practice was, that by and by I began to

    the edge of the back seat on the roof, while Agnes was, of course,

    I saw a passing shadow on her face when I made this mention

    hand is ready to help him, you understand, and his is ready to help

    Lavinia, proceed’

    proud and overjoyed to see us, that he did not know what to say or

    at last, as enraptured a young noodle as ever was carried out of his


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