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    cried my mother in a helpless manner

    now about to return home—I found him alone in Mr Peggotty’s

    to tell her, began to laugh, and throw her apron over her face

    one of my new schoolfellows; and hurried off the minute school

    David Copperfield

    passed the person who had come in, and saw him plainly I turned

    all of us’

    looked so extraordinarily earnest and pretty, that I stopped in a

    a signal to Mr Dick (a perfect country gentleman) to follow lustily

    claim upon him—and succeeded

    When I got to the top of the stairs—the house was only a story

    flower-beds of the heart, I took a personal offence against them all

    to Canterbury to see me, and always at unseasonable hours: with

    ‘I’ll say anything!’ cried Mr Wickfield, with a desperate air

    David Copperfield

    very wretched and miserable condition Peggotty had been

    He had a way of writhing when he wanted to express

    end of her nose against the glass to that extent, that my poor dear

    didn’t exactly say so; I softened it down as much as I could; but I


    confused me I know that my juvenile experiences went for little or

    particular ballad, which she said her Ury (who was yawning in a

    soon now, we should determine to be very affectionate to one


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