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    afterwards, she sat at that desk, scratching composedly with a

    they had gone their road, and their brother had gone his

    delicious hand That I caught a view of myself in a mirror, looking

    decanters, the patterns of the glasses and plates, the faint sweet

    daughter Minnie’s little girl, you’d never forget it Bless my heart

    uncle was come home, and he wouldn’t—no, Mas’r Davy,’ said

    ‘Oh no!’ he said, shaking his head, and giving a slight laugh

    possible dignity of living in chambers

    me, showing nothing but his crafty old head); ‘will you go for

    eagerly, ‘when we were both children’

    with thanks, and went his way up Tottenham Court Road,

    vigorous leap will shortly be the result’

    slate, before his eyes were dry I used at first to wonder what

    I couldn’t think of doing the honours of the feast, at my time of

    night It is no matter

    ‘The very question I should have put to you, sir,’ returned Mr

    profoundly over the breakfast table, with her elbow on

    country bright’

    Uriah proceeded, in his slimy way, as I sat gazing at him, with this

    got to do, Mr Copperfield, is to forget it’

    turned away without any ceremony; and left him doubled up in

    was long and ragged, but that his face was burnt dark by the sun


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